Morgan-Greer Deck


Number: 0

Astrology: Uranus

Element: Air

Numerological Relationship: All the Major Arcana

Symbolism: White rose, dog, mountains, the Fool, pack, Sun, knapsack

Keywords: beginning, journey, adventure, innocence, free-spirit, joy, originality, creativity

"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool." - William Shakespeare


The Fool is the most important card in the deck according to many. With the number 0 it is believed that The Fool is in all of us and we must learn all the lessons of the Major Arcana throughout our lives (and usually more than once). The Fool is the beginning, the middle and the ending of our journey and can appear when most needed as a reminder. While traditionally depicted as a male, The Fool is open to perspectives and experiences of both the divine masculine and feminine.

The mountains and the Sun represent adventure, enlightenment and the highest spiritual knowledge.

The white rose in this card is very important, it represents purity within our conscious and our subconscious mind.

The white dog is The Fools companion and protector. She serves as a warning not to get too carried away and to watch our step.

The Fool carries a knapsack that represents the seed of knowledge. However, since he doesn't plan he may not have everything he needs which is where his blind faith comes into question. Will The Fool reap what he sows?


The Fool indicates new beginnings and taking a leap of faith into the unknown. The Fool is asking you to let go of anxiety and worry, and to trust your instincts. If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything. You are to embark on an adventure which can be literal or metaphorical. It is very important that you use the opportunity you are given for personal growth. If there is an important choice to be made, listen to your heart.

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- Claire

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